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Shiatsu Techniques of the Masters: The Back

Learn how to give shiatsu treatment to the back using the principles and techniques of traditional shiatsu. Through a series of instructional videos, this course guides you through a sequence of techniques that increase the health of clients, friends and family members. This material can be used on its own, or combined with other types of bodywork that you may already use in a professional practice.

The original shiatsu masters focused on moving chi. Diagnosis was simple and treatment very effective. Many of their techniques and treatment strategies have been lost in today's standardized shiatsu education. Learning the roots of this work can bring inspiration & creativity back into your practice and your life. This course can help you:

  • Improve ability to perceive and move chi
  • Expand technique repertoire
  • Give better treatments = more satisfied clients
  • Revive inspiration & fulfillment in doing shiatsu

Shiatsu is About Moving Chi

Shiatsu is about moving chi. The ability to perceive and balance chi is the key to creating positive and reliable results. This central element is sometimes lost in the midst of extensive accredited training programs. Practitioners may know many techniques and concepts, yet aren't able to generate chi flow within treatments. They may grow frustrated and bored with the application of complex diagnosis and rigid protocols. They struggle to give strong, effective sessions that build a thriving practice.

Although modern meridian treatment and diagnosis is of course very valuable, it is best combined with a strong foundation of more simple, whole body chi techniques. The practitioner can then evaluate chi, balance chi, and create deep change during a treatment. Exploring the original spirit of shiatsu allows practitioners (and non-professionals) to tap into the energetic roots of shiatsu for their clients and themselves.

Experience the Original Spirit of Shiatsu

Early on in Saul Goodman's bodywork studies, he had the good fortune to study with several of the shiatsu pioneers that brought the practice to the West. He took classes with Masunaga, Yamamoto, Kushi, Bo-In Lee and Ohashi. He would like to share some of the things he learned in order to revive the spirit of this traditional shiatsu. This will bring more vitality into your practice & your life.

What does this course include?

  1. Instructional videos that lead you step-by-step through some traditional shiatsu treatment techniques for the back.
  2. Detailed, close-up shots of various angles in order to see details of hand placement and proper body use.
  3. Illustrations to help understand the necessary anatomy and how it is affected by the treatment.
  4. Written descriptions & illustrations to accompany each video.
  5. An interactive question/comment section underneath each video so that you can find out the answers to any questions you may have about theory, technique, your practice, etc.
  6. Interact with a shiatsu community through a private Facebook group for all course participants. This will provide an online community for you to share questions, experiences and knowledge related to shiatsu.
  7. A course certificate upon completion of the curriculum.

What is it like to take this course?

Once someone enrolls in the course, they are brought to the online 'classroom' - a web page with a list of all the sections and techniques. It is very easy to navigate through the materials and explore all of the topics and techniques that are available.

When does the course happen?

The class videos & written materials are available whenever you want them. Some people enroll in our video classes with the plan to go through it very slowly, or use it at a later date. Others binge watch the whole course right away. Some moms sneak in a video during that rare 10 minutes when none of the kids needs anything. One of the benefits of taking a class online is that you go through it the way that works for you.

Use the course with your family

Some participants in our online classes have reported that they sometimes watch a video with a spouse or other family member, and then practice it on each other. What a bonus that you can share a shiatsu class right in your own home! Traditional shiatsu was originally used in this way - in the home, for family health. It was not always a 'profession' that one trained for years to do. It was a part of everyday life so that regular people could feel better.

People of all ages naturally want to share shiatsu after watching it....

The course videos can be viewed at any time on your phone, tablet or computer. They are great to watch it again and again, or check in whenever you need a refresher. We have all had the experience of coming home from a great class all pumped up to use new techniques that we learned, only to realize when we try that we can't actually do them because there were simply too many things to grasp at once to learn them fully with one demonstration.

Here is some feedback from course participants:

It is very special to be able to connect with you like this, and with practitioners from all over the world! I am dipping in and out of the on-line courses and I am particularly enjoying 'Techniques of the Masters'. Watching a technique for a few minutes between treatments is inspiring - there are so many great techniques that I had forgotten about, ones that I have learned useful refinements to play with, and some that are altogether new to me. One of my clients yesterday asked me to thank you!

Deb Rampton, Shiatsu/Shin Tai practitioner, England

I am finding the videos so useful and inspiring. I have just watched the kidney technique in a clinic break and can't wait to try it out this afternoon. It feels very powerful to go back to the beginnings. I can't say thank you enough for all the hard work involved in sharing this wonderful material with us.

Caroline Bozkurt, Shiatsu practitioner, England

Thank you for the great idea of online courses to make it possible to learn with you. I think it's a wonderful way to study more about shiatsu. I have found the site very clear and easy to use. I am so grateful and happy to be part of this new era of your teaching.

Jurij Kazantzis, Shiatsu practitioner; Costa Rica

Having done my shiatsu training during the early 90's, this is really great... to see and to hear you, and even to feel the ambiance of quiet and focused attention. This is so helpful, even though I am a "novice" in online learning and not much into computers. I work at home, for 20 years now, with a steady and stable clientele, and your lessons are being put to use already with good feedback!

Dorothee Berends, Shiatsu practitioner, Switzerland

The course is very good, very structured and professional. It will help make my work even more effective. I can see now how I can use it in my practice with clients, and also when I am teaching shin tai students.

Jani Golobic, Shiatsu Shin Tai instructor, Slovenia

Your classes are always easy to follow; everything makes sense. And your connection to the whole being that we are interacting with is so inspiring. Learning from you live in a classroom is terrific, but what I'm appreciating about this video class is the ability to repeat exactly what you just said (several times if I need to). And of course I'm sitting on my bed with a cup of tea ☺️.

Anne Brnich, Shiatsu shin tai practitioner, United States

Your Instructor

Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman is the founder and former director of the International School of Shiatsu that has schools in 15 countries. He has taught shiatsu throughout the US and Europe for almost 40 years, and thousands of students all over the world have studied with him. His book "The Book of Shiatsu" has been translated into 10 languages.

Saul brings a synthesis of Eastern healing practices and Western physiology to this material. He communicates complex, unique information with clarity. His classes are full of the rich history of shiatsu, stimulating theory, and practical ways to move chi and free trapped life force in the body.

Saul is also the developer of Shiatsu Shin Tai (also called Life Force Recovery), which is an evolving form of shiatsu bodywork. Shiatsu Shin Tai offers a unique set of diagnosis and technique to reestablish the proper spatial relationship of the body by activating the client’s own inner healing power. Other books by Saul include an advanced instructional manual called "Shiatsu Shin Tai" and "Light Body Activation."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me?
This course is for you if you have a hunger to learn or revisit the practice of traditional shiatsu. Even practitioners who have studied in a contemporary shiatsu program often do not have a strong foundation in working with the body in the way that is presented in this course. Beginners and established bodyworkers can use the material to bring vitality into their family, practice and life.
Who takes this course?
Most of the students who enroll in this course are already shiatsu practitioners. They have practiced and perhaps also taught for years. They want to have fresh information, inspiration and support in deepening their skills and expanding their practice. Other participants are beginners or shiatsu students who are looking for more knowledge to support their quest in becoming a professional bodyworker. People from almost 20 different countries are presently enrolled in the class, so it is a diverse community of practitioners from all over the world.
I have already studied shiatsu. Will this course bring anything new to me?
The training that Saul Goodman had with some of the original masters who first brought shiatsu to the west offers a unique opportunity to share in those teachings. This course will add new ideas and techniques to your repertoire as well as bring your present skills to a new depth of effectiveness. Most students who take our online courses are already bodyworkers.
Why would an experienced shiatsu practitioner take this course?
The pursuit of any art form usually requires ongoing lessons in order to keep stay fresh and fulfilled. In order to keep a bodywork practice active it requires that a practitioner continually deepen and expand their skills. Many practitioners learn shiatsu or another bodywork modality and then set off on their own to practice without ongoing support or learning. We created this course to not only provide valuable training in the roots of shiatsu, but also provide a community where you can find ongoing inspiration and education.
Can I combine this traditional shiatsu with more contemporary shiatsu work?
This work is meant to be a foundation for working with contemporary shiatsu (like meridian treatment and hara diagnosis). Many shiatsu practitioners do not really know how to move chi in a more simple, whole body way. It can be a relief and also quite fun to mix these techniques into a more typical kyo/jitsu type Zen shiatsu session.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced video course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Once you enroll, the curriculum page will open up and you will see the list of instructional videos. You can watch them from any of your devices. We will be available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the class.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
I have already studied shiatsu with Saul in live classes. Can this video course offer me anything of value?
Having this traditional shiatsu knowledge presented through videos that you can watch again and again provides an opportunity for you to understand and remember the material better. And if you adopt a beginner's mind, you may find you learn new things about each technique that you may have missed in class! The main value lies in the observation of the treatments themselves. To watch the techniques and the response in the receiver is one of the best ways to absorb a deeper understanding of what Shiatsu is all about. Take your time to observe Saul's technique and how he works with the body. It will pay off in increasing your skills, perception, and results.

Shiatsu puts health back in our own hands

Shiatsu is an opportunity to help others increase health and emotional well-being in a natural way. Rather than acting as a 'healer' who fixes things that are 'wrong', a shiatsu practitioner facilitates the flow of a receiver's own energy to do the work of healing. Anyone can learn some shiatsu to help friends & family, while others practice it professionally. Giving shiatsu balances chi and promotes health for everyone involved. It puts good health back in our own hands.

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