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  Introduction to Hara Treatment

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Hara Treatment:Discover the Essence of Traditional Shiatsu

During the past few decades, shiatsu trainings have shied away from penetrating treatment of the hara. They have often focused on using the hara for diagnosis rather than for treatment. Although this has value, it is missing a core element of shiatsu: hara treatment.

Traditional hara treatment is not just about the techniques. It encompasses a whole cosmology. Each individual is seen as a microcosm of the universe, and the hara is seen as a microcosm of a person's whole life. By working with this part of the body, you are helping shift the person's whole being towards a direction of wholeness, vitality, and balance. In addition to this perspective, you will be introduced to a unique theory of hara that will expand your capacity to give strong, transformative treatments and help you to build a thriving practice.

Working with the Hara

The hara is the center of a person, not only physically, but also energetically. Working on the hara requires trust and a high level of respect and care. Many people are cautious to have this area of their body touched. Many manual therapists avoid the hara altogether due to their own cautions and a lack of training. Therefore, people seeking out bodywork often miss out on one of the most powerful ways to improve their physical, emotional and psychological well-being - hara treatment!

Shiatsu used to have a thriving component of deep hara massage called ampuku. During the last few decades the tendency has moved towards working in the hara with a very light touch. And this is not usually presented as treatment, but rather a way to diagnosis the rest of the body systems. Although this type of work has great value, there is something else to be added that also has great value, and that is hara treatment that uses deep, penetrating contact.

This more traditional way of working with the hara is very effective in improving the condition of your clients and family. You will be learning some of these techniques, and find out how to use them safely. It is a very satisfying experience to receive this type of treatment and you will see the effects on you, your receivers and your practice.